Monday, November 29, 2010

Player Profile: Carol Gay

Carol Gay
Carol Gay is a local player, who has an obvious love for the sport, and La Jolla Beach and Tennis Player. Gay has a lot of history with Sothern California tennis and LJBTC. Her parents used to bring her to the club all the time, and it holds a special place in her heart. Her passion for tennis exudes through her constant involvement in the community and love for the game.
Why do you have a connection to La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club?
My parents played here all the time. They were both nationally ranked players, and my mother actually won this tournament a while back. I remember learning lots of skills as a junior on these courts. 

I heard you had experience in the Professional circuit?
Yes! I teamed up with Peggy Micheal, who was a Wimbledon Doubles Winner, and we did pretty well. I also played in Forrest Hills, which is now the U.S. Open.

Did you learn anything from your time on the circuit?
I was disappointed with my mental game. My nerves really got the best of me, and it held me back. I would lose to girls that I had beat in college because I was so nervous! I actually decided not to play in Wimbledon, and returned the money to my sponsors. I don't regret it.

How are you involved in the tennis community now?
I am playing in National Tournaments and also did a lot of volunteer work in Phoenix. I ran a pilot program for Collegiate USTA, basically aimed for recreational tennis on college campuses. I also am really enjoying the tournament community, the demeanor in the senior circuit is a lot different. We're always injured, and have to focus on the condition of our bodies so much more.

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