Monday, November 29, 2010

Player Profile: Carolyn Nichols

Carolyn Nichols
Carolyn Nichols is the queen of the senior circuit. She has a passion for seniors tennis that is unparalleled, and a true love for competition. She has been playing seriously since her 30's, and wants to pursue her career even further. She is currently ranked #1 in the U.S. for 55's and up, and #2 in the world!

Racket- Volkl Power Bridge 4
String- VS17
Tension- 52 lbs.

Why did you start playing tennis?
My parents played all the time, and actually built a court on our farm. There was nothing else to do, so I started playing with them!

What are some advantages of being ranked #1 in the U.S. and #2 in the World for 55's?
I have been privileged enough to travel the world! I have played tennis everywhere from Argentina to south Africa. I have made so many great friends on my travels, and have really taken the time to give back to the game as much as I can. 

What was the changing point in your tennis career?
I started to really take tennis seriously in my early 30's. I took the time to really gear up for the 35's, so I could start playing Nationals. My game was much better suited for seniors play.

What was your proudest tennis moment?
Honestly, 2010 has been an amazing year for me! I beat two players in National Finals that I had never beat before, and won World Doubles! It has been a great year, and it is only my first year in the 55's!

What are you doing in the tennis community now?
I am chair of several committees, including the Senior International, Adult Senior Competition, and ITF Senior Committee. I am also on on the board of the San Diego District and the National Womens Tennis Association. I contribute to Inside Tennis, and keep a website, Carolyn Nichols Tennis.

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