Monday, November 29, 2010

Player Profile: Matthias Mueller-Steele

Matthias Mueller-Steele
Matthias Mueller-Steele traveled the longest length to take part of the Men's 40's Hard Court National Championships, and we are excited to have such a great player! Matthias lives in Germany, but has a lot of great tennis experience here in the states. He was #1 on the tennis team at the University of Nebraska, and also played in the First Division back home in Germany.  He has been playing for 39 years, and has a true passion for tennis. 
Racket- Dunlop 100
Tension- 53 lbs.
Location- Germany

Why did you start playing tennis?
My parents played a lot at the club in Germany, and I hung out there everyday. Eventually, I started to play with them.

How was your experience at the University of Nebraska?
Well, no one ever wanted to travel to Nebraska to play us, so we got to travel a lot of great places. It was hard to adjust being from another country, but it was a great experience. 

How was it adjusting when you moved to America for school?
It was tough for a few months, especially missing classes for tennis. But luckily, there were a few other foreigners on the team with me that were going through the same thing.

What was a changing moment in your tennis career?
A big moment in my career was when I was 20 years-old. I was playing in the First Division in Germany during the summer, and then would head back to America to play with University of Nebraska. I really took my tennis to the next level. 

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