Friday, December 3, 2010

Doubles Profile: Peter Smith & Jeff Tarango

Peter Smith & Jeff Tarango
What's important to a good doubles team? Fun and laughter! And these two have plenty of both. Peter Smith is the Men's Tennis Coach at USC, coming off of his second NCAA Championship and a trip to meet the President. Tarango is an ex-pro tennis player who is doing very well in this years tournament. Together, they make one amazing duo!

Peter Smith & Jeff Tarango: Babolat PureDrive
P.S: Pro Hurricane
J.T: Luxilon
P.S: 52 lbs
J.T: 50 lbs
P.S: Rossmoore, Ca
J.T: Manhatten Beach, Ca

First of all Peter, congratulations on USC Second NCAA Championship! How was the win and getting to meet the Obamas?
P.S: It is as exciting as life gets! It is seriously an explosion in your brain. It was really nice and surreal to meet the president. The guys from the team loved it. It was really special for them. 

What is it you like about having each other as partners?
J.T: Doubles can be so simple if it is played right. Pete is such a solid player, so he makes doubles seem a lot easier.
P.S: Tarango is one of the funniest people in the world. He always has a comment on everything. But it is good to have a partner who can make you laugh and have fun.

How long have you guys been playing together?
P.S: We have only been playing for two years, and this is only tournament we have played in together. We actually can only play matches as La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, it is part of our contract. Really, it is an excuse to come and stay here.
J.T: Yeah it is so great here, and Bill is such a gracious host. 

What is some valuable doubles advice?
J.T: Have a plan before you go out on the court. And, always go for a big second serve against me. It is guaranteed to work.
P.S: Keep it simple. You got to have all of the shots down. 

What do you look for in a doubles partner?
P.S: You need to have a sense of humor. You have to get of the way of yourself and remember that its just a game.
J.T: Someone who helps you with all of the break points.

What do you love about this tournament?
J.T: it reminds me of just how much fun I remember junior tennis to be. Literally all of the same guys I played in junior tennis are here. They all love tennis so much, and it really is a lifelong bond.
P.S: My family and I really love La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and its traditions. It is funny how you can blink and think "oh my god, are we in the 14's still?". The memories all come back.

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