Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Player Profile: Martin Barba

Martin Barba
Martin Barba is a two time winner of the 40's Men's Hard Court Championships, and he is back for number three! He has had a great career, and some really amazing tennis opportunities throughout his life. He loves to spread his knowledge and love for the game to others, and believes in playing in the moment!
Racket- Babolat
String- Half Gut, half Luxilon
Tension- 58 lbs.
Location- Carlsbad, Ca

How did you start playing tennis?
Actually, my brother tricked me! I was playing football at the time, and had a big game coming up. My brother took me to the court the day before, and said that tennis would really improve my football. I loved playing, but it gave me a huge blister just in time for the big game. I guess I had to keep playing tennis from then on. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?
I won the Men's Open, 25's, 35's, and 40's National Championships. I am actually the only player in history to win all four. 

What was your defining moment, when you really started to take the game seriously?
I would say that would say this happened when I had the opportunity for Pancho Segura oversee my tennis for two years. I would really say that we are kindred spirits. He really revealed the dynamics of tennis to me. I learned more about cause and effect and how to play to your advantage under his guidance. From there, the game really began to open up.

What was your proudest moment in your tennis career?
I was able to go back to the Carlsbad Boys Club, where I grew up, and give a clinic to 30 kids. It was great to be able to give them an opportunity to learn something. The look in their eyes learning and playing was better then winning any tournament.

What are you doing in the tennis community now?
I instruct through Rancho Santa Fe. I get to work with all kinds of people, at all different walks of life. I really want to try and pass on every form of knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years. I am so grateful for what this game has done for me that I want to bring that joy to as many people as possible.

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